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Our light and spacious function room is the perfect place to hold any event you are planning whether it is a birthday, christening or memorial. 

What can WE provide? 

We can accomodate up to our maximum capacity of 80 people (approx) with tables and chairs and there is a designated bar just for you and your guests, separate from the rest of the pub should you need it.

What do YOU need to bring?

Depending on what sort of event you are planning, you will need to bring your own decorations. You are able to rearrange the room any way you like and if you are hiring a DJ for the evening or any other service, this is absolutely fine so long as you let us know in advance when you will need to set up.


(You can normally get into the room the day before the event depending on its usage). 

For further information or enquiries please call us on 

01275 855 336



Private Bar
(available until midnight) 
We can create menu to suit you:
set menus (1, 2 or 3 courses)
a la carte menu